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How great God is

How great God is?

For most of us this is such a trivial question. But majority of us does not fully realize this until we encounter it for the first time on a significant situation or event in our life.
Of course this article or anybody for that matter cannot list in its entirety the full greatness of God. What I can attempt to do is to discuss some of them the best that I can.
God is great and is the greatest. Here’s why did I say that.
1. He exists long before anything else.
2. He has no beginning and end
3. He created everything including you and me. Look how amazing all of His creations. Your body, your brain, the sky, the stars, the music you hear, the food you eat, the water you drink, the air we breath. Everything.
4. He is always there when we need Him. He answers our prayers.
5. He is our father. If you’re a father yourself, you know how much you love your children. He loves us much more than that. Therefore he gives all the things we need.
6. Nothing is impossible to Him. He owns everything and is the most powerful. What could be so hard for Him?
7. He always guide us. He did not left us without clue on this world. He gave us His words and teachings through the Bible. All we have to do is submit to Him and study His words.
8. He disciplines us. Correct us when we’re wrong. Teaches us lessons to make us stronger.
9. He gave His own begotten son to save us from eternal punishment.
10. He long to be with us someday in heaven. To be with Him for eternity.

Now we have a glimpse on how great God is, let us not waste our lives here on earth. Let us serve the greatest of them all. Serve God and obey all things He commanded. Anyway it’s the whole duty of man.

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